How much does it cost to hire a skip in 2024?

Determining the cost of hiring a skip in 2024 involves considering several factors that can significantly influence the total cost. Skip hire prices are not static; they can vary based on location, size of the skip, hire period, type of waste being disposed of, and whether additional services or permits are required like bay suspension. Below, I’ll break down these factors to give you an ultra-detailed understanding of how much it might cost to hire a skip in 2024.

8 Yard General Waste Skip on construction site

1. Location

The cost of hiring a skip can vary considerably across different regions of the UK. Urban areas, particularly in and around London, often have higher prices due to increased operational costs, such as permits and space restrictions as well as traffic limitations. In contrast, prices in more rural areas might be slightly lower. Transportation costs also play a part; the further the distance between the hire company and your location, the higher the cost might be due to fuel and time spent on the road.

2. Skip Size

Skip sizes range from small 2-yard mini-skips to large 40-yard roll-on roll-off (RORO) skips, and the size you need directly impacts the price. Here’s a rough guide to sizes and their typical uses:

2-4 Yard Skips:

Ideal for small domestic projects, like garden clearances or minor home renovations. Prices can range from approximately £60 to £150.

6-8 Yard Skips:

These are the most popular choices for general home renovations and larger garden jobs. Expect costs between £120 and £300.

10-16 Yard Skips:

Suitable for substantial house clear-outs and larger renovation projects. Prices might vary from around £180 to £350.

20-40 Yard RORO Skips:

Best suited for major construction work and commercial waste. These are generally priced on haulage and tonnage and aren’t usually hired by the general public.

3. Hire Period

The standard hire period is usually between 7 & 14 days, but this can vary. Some companies might offer a discount for shorter hires or charge a daily rate beyond the standard period. Longer hire periods will naturally increase the cost of the skip.

4. Type of Waste

The waste you plan to dispose of can affect the cost. General mixed waste and household clear-out waste are typically what the price is calculated from. However, disposing of heavier materials like soil and concrete or hazardous waste like asbestos and electrical items may incur additional charges due to special handling and disposal requirements.

5. Permits and Licences

If you need to place the skip on public land, such as a street outside your property, you’ll likely need a permit from your local council. The cost of a permit varies widely but can range from £20 to over £100 for a standard 14-day period depending on which council is issuing the permit. Some skip hire companies handle the permit application process for you, adding the cost to your total amount.

6. Additional Services

Some skip hire companies offer additional services, such as wait-and-load, where the skip is delivered and immediately filled while the driver waits, then taken away. This service can be beneficial if you’re short on space or time but can be more expensive than standard hire. It’s often a great solution in busy cities such as London to avoid expensive bay suspension charges.


Given these factors, the cost of hiring a skip in 2024 can vary widely. For a small domestic project, you might pay as little as £60, while a large commercial project could see prices exceeding £400. Always get a detailed quote from your chosen provider, which should include all potential fees and charges to avoid any surprises.

14 Yard General Waste Skip at new build house